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Crisis created as jobs takes over lifes

PEOPLE are ‘‘becoming their jobs’’ in a crisis affecting many Australians, an Avalon author says.

If they lose their job or retire they feel lost and become prone to psychological issues such as depression, according to Stacey Demarco. And many people worked at jobs from which they got no enjoyment. Known as The Modern Witch,   the spiritual practitioner and teacher co-wrote The No Excuses Guide To Uncovering Your Purpose, with medium Jade-Sky. The book aims to help people lead a more fulfilling life. Through reading and doing the exercises in the book, they hope the readers will be able to reconnect with what they are meant to do in life. Most people knew their purpose when they were children, Demarco said.

Six-year-olds often answered the question of what they loved to do and wanted to become without hesitation. ‘‘But then, when you are a teenager, there’s all sorts of pressures,’’ Demarco said. ‘‘I spoke to a client the other day who spent years to become a doctor then realised it was not what he wanted to do. ‘‘People also become their jobs, and without their job title they feel lost.’’ Demarco said a person’s purpose did not often fit a job title but was rather ‘‘a sentence with a big verb’’ about what they were meant to do. The purpose should be lived in all aspects of life – not just work – and contribute towards society. ‘‘For example, my purpose is to be a catalyst for change, and I do many things that fall into that,’’ she said. ‘‘Your purpose is not bound to one job title. Life is so much better when you live your purpose. And it is never, ever too late to do it.’’ 

Boel Eriksson – 06 October, 2012