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Connecting to Crystals

Crystal are sacred gifts and medicine from the Earth. They have been utilised for thousands of years as healing medicine and spiritual awakening tools by indigenous and tribal people around the globe.

The aboriginal people of Australia would connect to crystals to assist them in accessing the dreamtime. The Egyptians would grid down the crystals and place them on as makeup for spiritual initiations , crystals would also be buried with the mummies to protect the dead in the afterlife. The famous crystal skulls where found in the Mayan temples in Mexico where they shared wisdom and knowledge of life with the tribes people. Native Americans would utilise crystals to amplify there connection and communication to the land and were used in ceremony.

Crystals are utilized in abundance in today society with our whole computer and internet system  run by crystal technology. In America they have been able to store and retain data into a crystal. We have crystals in our watches to keep the time and in our computers to store information. Modern day science are realising there are not just pretty rocks and are truly starting to understand their powers.

Crystals are not as airy fairy as with think they might be. Science have proven that crystals store energy and crystals work within the law of physics. Each crystal has its own specific vibration or medicine. When we are in the presence of a crystal it amplifies this medicine inside of us and invokes this innate intelligence  within  of self healing and gives us an opportunity  for transformation.  Crystals shine the light onto hidden part of us that may have been forgotten over time and invites us to transform the old energy, creating balance and well being.

There are a few really important  pieces of information to know when you fist connect with Crystal As you already aware crystals store energy. This is why it is important to cleanse and charge them.

Lets go through a few simple ways to do this…..

·         Running Water, Salt or fresh

·         Moon Light preferably a full moon

·         Buying your crystals back into the Earth

·         Intention and visualisation

·         And Sound, which is personally my favourite.

It is defiantly our birth right to connect to and receive the healing energies of crystals. It is as simple as sitting in the same space with one of these powerful medicines of the Earth. Crystals are not just pretty rocks and hold within them the loving energy of the universe. They work within the laws of physics like energy attracts like energy. When we are in the presence of a crystal it drawn out and aligns us to the healing energy that lies with.  Each crystal holds a different energy or vibration and affects us all differently. You will be naturally drawn to or attracted to the crystal that will assist you as the law of physic takes place. Your spirit and inner knowing will guide you to exactly what crystal you require and you will be drawn to it in one way or another.  Working with the crystal kingdom and taking this sacred journey will allow for deep profound healing and transformation to take place. 

It is a very exciting time we are living here on earth, with such a powerful opportunity to let go of the old and create a new way of being. Living more from a place of love and well being. It can also be a challenging time for some as old emotions and patterns start to rise to the surface for one to see the truth. Let go and love what does not serve any longer. Such a potent time of rebirth and renewal. In these exciting yet challenging times we tend to look outside of yourself for the answers. Crystal have a huge part in our awakening back to our hearts inviting us gently to look within for the answers to our divine essence. Crystals love us when we forget how and hold space for us shining their light into our soul so we can discover our own beauty and magnificence. Connecting to the crystal kingdom and taking this powerful healing journey within we awaken to a world of self empowerment and inner peace. It is now time to start to truly understand  who we are and crystals have a huge role to play in our awakening, as we walk side by side on our journey back to love.

I would know love to introduce to you the first crystal I ever had an experience with and that is amethyst. This is an overall healing crystal that works on many levels. Amethyst is abundant on the Earth and very easy to get your hands on from all the gem and spiritual shops. Amethyst balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing the mind to relax and the heart to open. It is great in this day and age where we find our monkey minds racing and our busy schedules. It helps us to relax and unwind. It is also a great friend in assisting us in awakening our physic abilities and assists in deepening our intuition and a great crystal to help us sleep at night. There are various processes you can do with crystals; however, I would like to share a very simple yet powerful one with you.

·   Simply sit in a peaceful environment (preferably in nature) with your cleansed crystal.

·   Take a few deep, calming breaths.

·   Place your crystal on your heart as you breathe in this loving, supportive energy and vibration.

·         Then allow yourself to feel the crystal sending you its blessing and medicine.

·         Feel it pulsating into your heart and from your heart allow this crystal energy to move into every single cell of your being.

·         Continue breathing the crystal energy into your heart for a few minutes, then sit in silence with the crystal, absorbing its healing vibration.

This is a very quick and simple way to start creating a connection to the Crystal Kingdom. Enjoy your journey of self empowerment as you connect deeply with the crystals, a powerful medicine of the Earth.

Rachelle Charman – 19 August, 2013