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Community Connection in the Garden

A few weeks back Cheralyn and her amazing Community Garden Project team had the most fabulous day at SWAMP hosting a community impact day with support from local organisations and businesses. The aim of this SWAMP initiative was to connect in with our local community members who work locally or own businesses to help build relationships and partnership around connecting to land, community and growing food. This project has impacted so many people in finding a place of belonging, learning, connections and purpose.

SWAMP is all about cultivating food and community culture, where big magic surrounds us continually, always tapping into that feeling that we are all part of something bigger than us. There is also a little back story where a surprise was organised for one of our core team members, Cheralyn in thanks for her daughter Maddie’s support of contributing a pizza oven – we cannot wait til we can cook some pizzas in the garden from produce grown, that will be a big celebration day!! If you have been feeling the desire to learn more about gardening, growing food, health or just want to volunteer for a great cause - why not come along and visit SWAMP. 

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Cheralyn Darcey – 06 May, 2021