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Chinese Fortune Reading Cards by Sharina Star

Circle Review: Chinese Fortune Reading Cards by Sharina Star, published by Rockpool Publishing, a set of 36 high quality cards and instruction book, both full colour, packaged in a magnetic flip top box. Book includes information on how to read the cards, with two simple layouts. Each card has a number, a title and an image, and in the book, keywords, a general interpretation, a career/finances aspect, relationship advice and a Feng Shui tip. The interpretation of the cards is advice based, very modern. It is suitable for a first ever oracle card deck, it is a young person's deck, suited to online dating user age group.

The cards feature a brush script from the Oracle Bones Script, discovered in the Anyang capital and date to the Shang Dynasty of 1,100 years ago. They have an authentic Chinese look about the images, and have a little Chinese script on each card. Titles are for instance, Renewal, Forgiveness, Heaven, Abundance, Wisdom, Reunion, and images feature fishing, candle, flower, brush writing, dragon, lanterns, Buddha image.

There is a one card reading suggested and a three card, past/present/future reading. You can ask the cards a question, and receive clarity and perspective, spiritual growth and intuition.

I asked the question, what will be my direction for the new Spring festival (starting on Friday 16th February 2018)?

The card I chose was 'Friendships'. It shows two young Chinese children painting a flower on a fan. The keywords are 'Letting Go of toxic friendships, new exciting friendships being made'.

The General advice is: You are going to connect with new friends and let go of others who may have been false, toxic or conniving. You may have experienced personal turmoil that has revealed your true friends' loyalty. Friends are important, they assist your personal development and spiritual growth. They help you make good decisions. It is of utmost importance you let go of anyone who has hurt you feelings, gossiped about you, put you down, or betrayed your trust. Join some clubs and you could meet loving people. Network and expand your social circle. If you are lonely, use a reputable dating website, it is time to meet new people and make new friends.

The Career/Finances advice is: If you have difficulty making friends at work, make changes. Yellow flowers in home or garden attracts good communication skills. Yellow is the colour of friendship. Study for self- improvement, and you will also add to your employability skills. Satisfy your ambitions, maximise your opportunities. Become more thoughtful and considerate towards others. Sensitivity is the path that leads to connection and friendship.

The Relationships advice: By joining clubs, your life will be enriched. As you refresh your friends' list, you will add joy to your life.

The Feng Shui Tip: Place a fountain of water in the north east of south east of your home or work place to attract friendship. Place photos of yourself with friends in a red photo frame. Purchase a friendship ball (online) or make one yourself.

Review: Wendy Stokes

Wendy Stokes – 10 February, 2018