Rockpool Publishing

Buddhism Reading Card Reviewed

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to do a review of these cards since I have been following Sofan’s work for several years and have seen her artworks develop from canvas to print to a set of reading cards. The Buddhism Reading Cards have been developed around different principles of Buddhism and as the cards are broken into four categories, each card offers a journey of its own that relates to different aspects of Buddhism.

To engage with these cards and to apply the wisdom and the understandings from these cards does not mean that one has to be Buddhist in order to use, understand, apply and benefit from using these cards. Rather, Sofan has developed these cards to represent Buddhist principles. They are reinforced through the detailed artworks of Sofan and they are full of rich, vibrant colours which all tell their own stories and can easily shine light into the lives of those who interact with these cards.

The booklet of these cards is as detailed as the artworks themselves, and the booklet entries provide a wealth of information and resources into how Buddhist principles can have relevance in your life too. Sofan has passionately produced a very unique set of reading cards that reflect the author /artist walking their talk. Reflecting upon this statement, for me as a user of these cards, it is as if every time I use these cards, I am embarking on a journey through life and the wisdom imparted through these cards and booklet conveys a sense of practical, applicable empowerment, education and transformation.

I would recommend these cards for anyone who is looking for a different set of reading cards for moving forward through life’s challenges whilst developing awareness for truth, purity, contemplation and cultivation of life experiences.

Nathan Ho – 13 December, 2014