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Author and intuitive healer Inna Segal answers life's biggest questions

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THEY are the burning life questions we all want to know, yet somehow can't seem to find the answers.

And despite experts constantly telling us where to find them, how to achieve happiness, success and find love certainly doesn't come easy in the journey of life.

Well fear not, because one Australian author has taken the time to at least break these questions down into 21 of the most commonly asked - and even better still - gives us the answers.

Melbourne-based Inna Segal, author of The Secret of Life Wellness, said she wrote the book

because people constantly asked her the same questions in life.

Ms Segal said it was through healing her own chronic pain, which she suffered as a teenager until her 20s, that she realised there are answers to big problems, but that people had to open their minds to change and take a more wholistic approach.

With that in mind here are ten of the questions and answers from her book.

1. How can I learn to love myself?

According to this author, loving yourself is an extensive journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and soul searching. She says some of the biggest obstacles to self love include self criticism and the need for perfectionism in a society which teaches us to neglect our own needs and desires. In short, stop both of these habits and self love will start to follow.

"Instead of comparing yourself to others, discover and embrace your own strengths and weaknesses," she writes, adding that knowing what you love and how you want to be treated is vital to being kind to yourself.

2. How can I communicate with my soul?

According to Ms Segal, the soul grows and evolves but it's being in touch with it that will enable you to heal past pain and reconnect with important people in life.

She writes there are two points of view that we can live our lives from. The first is based on safety and survival of the physical and the second is based on a spiritual journey.

She says most people live their life based on survival such as having a family, good job, and getting a house when people really needed to reconnect with themselves and their needs.

The greatest obstacle is fear and linear thinking and people not communicating or listening to their bodies enough.

3. How can I experience unconditional love?

Ms Segal said unconditional love meant people had to learn how to be soft, how to forgive and love someone now matter how they behaved.

She added the trick was to be loving, caring and helpful without being attached to an outcome.

"To experience unconditional love, we need to stop putting expectations on our love," she writes.

"This means loving people for who they are, and now who we would like them to be."

4. How can I attract my soulmate?

Ms Segal says said the concept of a soulmate was romanticised and that searching for it had caused a lot of people unnecessary suffering because they could play numerous roles, not just that of a lover.

The bad news is there's no foolproof process to finding your soulmate but rather it involved connecting with your own heart. She says by doing this people will be more connected to themselves and therefore more open and more receptive to attracting positive people in their lives.

5. How can I find my soul purpose?

Ms Segal says we all have a purpose but the most important thing we could do in life was to ask questions and listen to our soul's wisdom.

"Each person's purpose is to know who they truly are through the experience of exploration and expansion," she writes.

To do this people need to explore their own body, consciousness, energy, emotions, spirituality and life experiences.

6. How can I heal a broken heart?

While any relationship ending is traumatic, Ms Segal says it is important to always focus on the positive, which was becoming wise and attracting a mate that was more suitable by learning from negative experiences.

She suggests not always blaming the other person but instead look at growing and developing as a person by surrounding yourself with support, learning from the past and exploring new opportunities. Only by doing this will people ever learn to let go and love again.

7. How can I have happy relationships?

Ms Segal says best way to find happinesss in a relationship is to first be at peace with ourselves.

She says conflicts often arise when both people in a relationships stop taking the time to listen, and wrongly assume we know everything about our partners.

She says having compassion and a balanced point of view "can do wonders for rejuvenating a relationship" while focusing on your partner's positive aspects and learning what expressions of love work will benefit all involved.

8. How can I create more money and success?

The first step is to become friendly with money, literally, and instead of focusing on not having enough, look at what makes you comfortable.

She says in order to increase prosperity, you need to affirm, take notice and realise what you have. One way to do this is to have an amount in your wallet that you are comfortable with without spending for 30 days. But she asks readers if they would feel differently carrying a larger amount of money.

"The more you feel good, powerful, and abundant having a lot of money, the more likely you are to attract it," she writes.

As for success she says this simply takes time along with persistence, passion, trust, belief and support.

9. How can I love my body and achieve an ideal weight?

Recognising diet and exercise are the biggest factors to maintaining healthy weight, the author also says deeply ingrained negative thought can also play a part.

She suggests people stop substituting food for love and support and recognise your own beauty regardless of weight. Ms Segal says listening to when and if we are hungry and developing a healthy lifestyle will also help adding the power of the mind and losing negative thoughts is definitely the first step.

10. How can I attract a loving partner?

This may sound obvious but according to Ms Segal it's vital - loving yourself first.

She says most people look for someone to save them from themselves and make them happy. But she adds these people are their own worst critics who expect a lover to see past their unresolved issues, insecurities and limitations yet love them unconditionally.

She says constantly feeling bad and insecure will often draw you to exactly the opposite as each person gives off an energy field which attracts what sort of partner he or she deserves.

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