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Australia's Celebrity Psychic Explains All!


Sharina Star is one of the countries most celebrated psychics, regularly guesting on television and print across the country. So, who better to clarify the clues behind the good, the bad and the downright fraudulent psychic options – and whether you have the power too!

“Throughout history, psychics have been both esteemed and scorned, their powers a subject of both belief and cynicism,” explains Sharina. “Psychics have played a significant role in shaping world history. In centuries past, kings planned marriages and waged battles on the advice of their seers.”

What is a Psychic?
“A psychic has good intuition and great gut feelings about your innermost thoughts,” explains Sharina. “A knowing of what is in store for you for the near future and what has occurred in the past.” ?They can also have predictive dreams about future events taking place, she notes. There are many psychics born with this wonderful gift, and others can be born with a small amount of psychic abilities that can be developed with time, she continues. “Even those showing absolutely no psychic ability whatsoever can go through a spiritual change and become more intuitive.”

Modern Psychics:
Sharina identifies that with the uncertainty of modern times, people are increasingly more willing to visit psychics to anoint some predictability into seemingly unsteady existences. “I believe psychics have become more acceptable and yes I do feel this is becoming more mainstream,” she muses. “Most people are looking and searching for answers and a bit of hope and we can help provide that.”

Fortune Cards Unfolded:
“The fortune cards all hold a specific message making it easier for us to tune in,” explains Sharina. “We also use the book which explains the overall career, financial and relationship findings of the cards in greater detail. For example, the fortune card ‘Sun can mean marriage for relationship-based questions, or wealth and abundance if the client was asking about their career.”

Sharina’s Five Tips to Spotting a Fake Psychic:

1. “Evil curse removal is the most obvious sign of a fake psychic!” cautions Sharina.

2. Be wary of psychics boasting ridiculous claims that are almost impossible to come true. Don’t suspend disbelief for a second!

3. Some fake psychics prey on grieving people convincing you they are talking to your dead relative. This is another red flag for spotting fakes, says Sharina.

4. “Doing a cold reading which is a fishing for information, often asking you far too many questions,” is a warning sign that the psychic is not adequately able to tell you anything aside from what information you voluntarily offer up.

5. Also be wary of those who advertise a magic lucky charm to ward of evil in the back of newspapers you have never heard of! cautions Sharina.

Are You A Psychic?
You may have your own future-predicting abilities, notes Sharina. Signs of something deeper include vivid, predictive dreams and a sense that something is going to happen or take place – and it does. “Test yourself by giving readings when you feel a strong vibe with your friends,” she advises.

Sharina’s Celebrity Predictions:
“I predicted George Clooney would marry and I do see this lasting…. but nothing is forever in Hollywood!” she says. “Miley Cyrus will be heading to rehab with a tragic breakdown recovering late 2015, Jennifer Aniston will be making headlines for baby or marriage news and lastly, I see a health scare for Oprah.”

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Emma Charlotte Bangay - – 17 October, 2014