Astral Realms Crystal Oracle Unboxing

Hello beautiful, I'm here with you today to unbox the Astral Realms Crystal Oracle. The Astral Realms Crystal Oracle was kindly sent to me by Rockpool. The Astral Realms Crystal Oracle was created by Dark Moon Crystals & Prism and, Fleur Design Studios. The Astral Realms Oracle is a 33 card Oracle deck with a 128-page guidebook. The Crystal Realms Oracle incorporates the Hindu Chakra Systems and Crystal Metaphysics to bring you an a robust healing oracle that is perfect for personal divination and healing work. The guidebook features an activation guidance section for each card to help bring the intangible intuitive oracle message and ground it down in the physical. It's a thoughtful touch. I would love to hear what you think of this brand new to the market Astral Crystal Oracle deck. Please comment below.


Avalon Cameron – 23 June, 2023