Angel Tarot walk through with Boho Tarot

For the first time in history the power of the Shem HaMephorash has been shared with all those interested in the mysteries of these heavenly creatures, secrets previously held in ancient magical grimoires and obscure religious texts.
By invoking these supreme angelic beings through their corresponding sigils you can discover their true power. More than just prophetic and insight tools, when combined with the supplied summoning seals and pentacles, the nine choirs of angelic hierarchy and the original divine names you can invoke the true energies of these sacred beings into your life.

Join Boho Tarot to take a look at the deck, chat about the cards and a take a look at a couple of comparisons to a more "traditional" angel deck. 

These cards incorporate new angelic visions and concepts to original tarot readings and cards, this is a great video to better connect with the cards and gain an understanding on the different elements to the cards. 

Boho Taro – 28 August, 2020