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Angel Reading Cards Review

Debbie Malone is one of the most unpretentious and inspiring people currently working on the Sydney spiritual scene, and I have been blessed enough to work with her on a couple of occasions over the years. Her gentle energy, quiet confidence and always-loving messages come through her work with the angels, and over the years Debbie has written about her angelic messengers and created ways in which everyday people might also be able to work with them. In her latest deck of reading cards Debbie has manifested an exquisite display of Angelic energy, and anyone who uses the Angel Reading Cards will, from the very first time they open them, recognise the powerful mystical energy that informs them.

Debbie creates a distinctly 21st century gathering of Angels - there is an Angel of Parking, for example, and an Angel of Relationships for those seeking some bigger answers to life's usual array of vexing questions. Each card has been exquisitely painted by Romanian artist Amalia I. Chitulescu, and each perfectly combines a kind of modern photo-realism with a wonderfully sparkling quality of angel-light that lifts the spirits no matter how many times you see the same card.

The deck comes with a comprehensive book, which supplies a full page of in-depth description for each card along with other information for using the cards. Debbie suggests that, on first opening the cards, the new owner should imprint them with their own good and loving energy, and to that end she provides a handy dedication exercise for their first use.

The book also provides a number of suggestions for using the cards, including 3 card angel guidance layout and a 7-day layout for a whole week’s guidance. When using oracle cards like these Debbie reminds us that we should pay careful attention to the ways they “behave” in our hands and on the table. Cards that fall out or stick should not be ignored – this is usually the message we most need to read.

The entire deck is working with positive energy, of course, but this does not mean that Debbie’s angelic work is not without its challenges. She nominates the Angel of Patience as the most challenging card in the deck, because nobody wants to hear that they need to sit and wait. I know exactly what she means.

There are 36 different angels to work with in this deck, and Debbie tells us that they make the perfect companion to the rest of our spiritual work. At a recent talk she described a cleansing ritual that involves opening all the windows of the house and smudging each room with sage, all the while inviting the angels into the space. This leaves every room perfectly suited to higher states of existence, and better enables us in whatever spiritual discipline we pursue, be it meditation, prayer, mantra work or sacred reading.

With an eye towards finance in the coming year, I have found myself especially taken with the Angel of Abundance (card No. 17), and naturally she keeps appearing again and again as I shuffle the cards. The waterfall in the background of this beautiful image represents the constant flow of abundance, the pulsating energy of giving to the universe in order to receive.

There is also a smattering of male angels in the deck, all of them distinctly hunky. They remind us that the angelic energies are male as well as female, and that strength and power are equally as angelic as love and nurturing. The cards remind us to imbue our own actions and words with the quality of angelic thought and behaviour. Debbie Malone’s Angel Reading Cards make a beautiful addition to anyone’s daily spiritual routine. Morning or evening, take a card or two at random and see if you can divine the heavenly message contained. Simply ask the Universe: “What do you want from me?” and your angel will appear and direct you.

This is a deck that provides answers, inspiration and plenty of beauty. Get it and play with it and entertain the possibility, just for a moment, that angels are moving amongst us. Have fun with them, and see just how your life might improve with the help of the angels. - See more at:

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Walter Mason – 02 February, 2016