Akal Pritam on Priestess TV

Priestess TV Episode 8: Self Love with Akal Pritam

On this week’s episode of Priestess TV we discuss self-love with guest, Akal Pritam, published author, designer, and creative director. Watch with us as Akal takes us through her journey and lesson of leaving behind what is expected of you by others, and surrendering to what is natural for yourself and your work.

It is common and human to become swept up by the stream of external pressures and expectations, but as strong womxn leaders we are created to be independent forces and forge our own paths.

Watch to experience Akal’s path and may you choose love for yourself and your work.

About Akal:
Akal Pritam’s dharma art book, ‘Self-Love’, combines her talents as an artist, designer, writer and creative director, with her life experience of yoga, mediation and energy. ‘Self-love’ is an exploration into the embodiment of truly living and  breathing a life of self-nourishment and spiritual harmony. Akal takes you deep into the chambers of your chakras and draws on powerful rituals

To see more of Akal visit: akalpritam.com
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Priestess Temple School – 28 August, 2019