Aboriginal Healing Oracle

By: Mel Brown


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Published: Oct/23 (AU/NZ), Mar/24 (US), Nov/23 (UK)

Explore the traditional three-card reading of past, present and future within the holistic approach of Aboriginal healing. These 36 unique Indigenous healing cards are divided into three type of cards: Bush Medicine, Animal Totems and Aboriginal Ancestors. Bush Medicine cards identify the reasons for the divination with the assistance of nature, Animal Totem cards give understanding of the current situation with the help of Australian native creatures, and Aboriginal Ancestors provide affirmations and insight into the future through the guidance of ancestral wisdom.

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ISBN: 9781922785879

Published: Oct/23 (AU/NZ), Mar/24 (US), Nov/23 (UK)

Format: Cards

Extent: 80 pages

About The Author

Mel Brown

Mel Brown


Melinda Brown is a Ngunnawal woman who resides in the Northern Rivers Bundjalung Nation and has attained a Master’s in Indigenous Healing and Trauma.

Mel embraced her clairvoyant skills many years ago, and embarked on a journey to understand that her spiritual beliefs were not just limited to her Aboriginal culture, but encompassed many different types of beliefs from cross the world.

Mel has a unique way of highlighting that the ownership of spirituality belongs to the each individual and is not defined by labels or limited to just one understanding of life and creation, and as human beings, our spiritual needs cannot usually be met by one singular belief system.

The melding of cultures and spiritual beliefs lead Mel to create a range of Aboriginal Oracles cards which are being increasingly recognised across the world. Mel is always working on the “next” deck, and embraces her creativity as a therapeutic way to better understand that spirituality is unique and individual for all our Brothers and Sisters across the Universe.

As a professional Speaker and Trainer, Mel is known for her expertise in Aboriginal cultural competency, and lateral violence both Nationally and Internationally.

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