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A medium reveals 10 tips to awaken your psychic ability (and signs you have psychic powers)

A medium reveals 10 tips to awaken your psychic ability (and signs you have psychic powers)

Ever feel like you might be secretly psychic?

Debbie Malone, a psychic medium and author, reckons you might be right.

‘Everyone is born psychic with an ability to tap into innate spiritual gifts,’ she tells

The reason you can’t always predict how your day’s going to go, however, is because you’re not flexing that psychic muscle, says Debbie.

But the good news is that there are ways to kick your intuition into gear.

Ahead, Debbie breaks down 10 steps to take to awaken your psychic ability – plus some signs that you have strong psychic powers…

Signs you could be psychic

‘Some of us are aware of our psychic gifts from childhood while others may discover these psychic abilities later in life due to trauma, stress, near death experiences, spiritual growth, grief, or loss of a loved one,’ Debbie explains.

She lists some common signs of psychic powers:

  • Have you ever felt that there is more to the world than your eyes can, see?
  • Have you experienced déjà vu?
  • Do you have prophetic dreams that came true?
  • Do you see things that others don’t? Do you see things via your peripheral vision?
  • Do you sense things are around you? Do you feel goosebumps or tingles when you feel you are not alone?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your stomach when something doesn’t feel right, or do you feel butterflies in your stomach when things do?
  • Do you know things that others don’t, and you can’t explain why?
  • Do you hear messages and guidance that nobody else hears?
  • Do you smell fragrances that belong to loved ones from the past?
  • Do you see repetitive number sequences or signs and symbols from the other side?

Debbie says: ‘If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this can be a sign that you are psychic.’

10 steps to awaken your psychic ability

‘Just like every other part of the body, psychic abilities need to be regularly exercised for them to become stronger and more effective,’ Debbie notes.

Here’s how to do it.

portrait of woman with eyes closed

Get into meditation (Picture: Getty Images)

Explore white light and meditation

‘Learning how to white light and meditate is one of the first steps to take towards awakening your psychic abilities,’ Debbie recommends. ‘Working with white light allows to lift your vibration to a higher frequency so you can connect to the higher realms of spirit.

‘There are many ways that you can white light. This can be achieved through visualisation, affirmations and prayer.

‘Meditation is the mindful practice of focusing on a particular object, thought or activity to induce a state of mental clarity and emotional calmness. Regular meditation will help you attune to spirit and increase your psychic contact with the universe.

‘There are many ways to reach a meditative state, and some may surprise you. While you can follow a traditional guided meditation with your eyes closed, a meditative state can also be successfully reached with your eyes open, such as focusing on a candle, while letting everyday thoughts slip away or during your daily walk by gently focussing on the swaying trees or clouds drifting across the sky, or even standing under the warm water in a shower washing away your stress and worries.’

Look after your physical health

You’re not going to be in the best state to connect with your psychic self if you’re run-down, unwell, or using damaging vices.

Look after your physical health to enhance your mental clarity and enable you to be in a relaxed state.

Explore auras

Debbie says: ‘The aura is the coloured energy field surrounding our physical body. It is possible to determine the state of a person’s wellbeing by interpreting the size, colour and vibrations of an aura.

‘This skill is particularly useful for those of you in the healing professions.

‘Some people will be able to see auras immediately, while others will require a little more practice.’

Open your seven chakra centres

This sounds a bit tricky, so it’s worth doing some further research in how, exactly you do it. It’s basically about connecting with your body and being present in the moment.

‘Develop an understanding of the seven chakra centres within your body,’ Debbie suggests. ‘Each of these seven chakras within your body are continuously open and receiving spiritual information in different ways.

‘Think for example, that gut feeling you have about somebody which later turns out to be correct. You physically felt this gut feeling in the pit of your stomach. This is your solar plexus chakra.

‘Opening up your third eye chakra will be exceptionally beneficial to opening up the communication channel with spirit.’

woman reaching up to sky

Trust your intuition (Picture: Getty Images)

Work with others

If you’re interested in building your psychic abilities, connect with other people in the spiritual space.

You can find online groups, classes, and psychic circles to immerse yourself in this world.

Trust your abilities

‘As you begin to relax and open up to spirit you will start to receive downloads of information in the form of symbols, images, signs, number and visions in the mind’s eye,’ says Debbie. ‘Take note of what you are being shown and start to trust the information.’

Try psychometry

Debbie recommends: ‘Try using psychometry, which is the ability of reading a person’s energy by holding a personal item that belongs to them.

‘Some items are better and easier to read than others. Try to choose an item which is regularly worn by a person and has the most bodily contact, metal items such as a ring or watch can work best.

‘Try to avoid items that have had multiple or previous owners as it will be difficult to decipher one person’s energy from another’s.

‘Start with items that belong to people you know well and who can confirm the information you are receiving. You will be amazed at how quickly this works!’

Connect with guides and guardian angels

Debbie believes that ‘each and every one of us has a team of spiritual beings who were assigned to us before birth, to help guide us through this lifetime on the earth realm’.

Think of them as your own personal squad of cheerleaders and mentors, protecting you from harm and guiding you along the right path.

‘The more you start to open up your connection to the spirit world, the more you will become aware of their presence and individual spirit energies,’ Debbie notes. ‘Your spirit team is always around you and only a thought away, should you ever need their assistance.

‘The more you learn to connect in with your spiritual team, the easier the communication and flow of information will become.

‘Just ask for their help and guidance and they will be delighted to assist you.’

Get some spiritual tools that work for you

Try tarot cards, divining rods, and pendulums to help you focus your energies.

Keep a journal

‘As you start to increase your connection to the spirit realms, it is beneficial to keep a journal to record your interactions with your spirit team,’ Debbie tells us.

‘Pay attention to your dreams as they may become more vivid and prophetic. The dream state is the easiest way for spirit to reach our subconscious and to leave us messages.

‘Keep a journal or diary by your bed or close by when you do your daily meditation. Write down any dreams, signs, symbols, colours, songs or messages that you receive.

‘Keeping a journal is also a wonderful tool to record your journey and to help you understand how you and your spiritual team connect with you.

‘You might be surprised at just how prophetic these messages are.’

Debbie Malone is a psychic medium and author of Awaken Your Psychic Ability – Updated Edition: Learn How To Connect To The Spirit World, published by Rockpool, priced £15.63.

Metro – 18 October, 2022