Seasons Of The Witch Oracle

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Meet the Creative Team from the Seasons of the Witch


Lorriane Anderson is a tarot reader, astrologer, spiritual teacher, writer, and soul-based entrepreneur. Her work focuses heavily on sacred and intentional living as well as using spiritual practices as a pathway for profound healing, growth, and transformation. She is heavily influenced by her diverse lineage, bringing together healing practices from her ancestors in a practical, updated way. She owns and operates Spirit Element, a soul-based apothecary and Made with Stardust, which provides private label development and supplies for spiritual-based businesses. Her published works include Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle and Affirmations: Words of Inner Wisdom. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.



Juliet Diaz is a healer, seer, and herbalist, and she holds a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine. She is a descendent of a long line of witch healers from Cuba and has Indigenous roots as a member of the Taino tribe.
Juliet owns and runs her shop, November Sage Apothecary, and her online witchcraft learning community, Tierra Sagrada (formerly known as November Sage Herbarium - A Witch Healer School).



Giada Rose is a Kentucky-based illustrator interested in the gossamer threads that stretch between nature, femininity, divinity and art. Her childhood was spent moving around the American west (she’s lived in seven states and was born in Italy), and she continues to feel the nomadic pull. Her work is infused with a longing for the old ways and a love of mythology and historical costume. She particularly enjoys folklore and fairy tales, and strives with her paintings to create a portal into stillness and a tinge of nostalgia for a bygone era. She works primarily with watercolors. She is available for commissioned work, and offers both prints and originals through her Etsy shop. Send an email to if you’d like to discuss a commission.

Tijana Lukovic

Tijana Lukovic is an illustrator based in the small medieval city of Gent in Belgium. Her paintings and illustrations are inspired by the magickal and metaphysical realms, containing traces of folklore, fairy tale, mythology and love for nature.In her work Tijana shares her observations of the ever-changing seasons and her will to be more in tune with nature and the wheel of the year. She explores her inner mind and tries to bring deeply buried thoughts into the light. She is illuminating her unconscious mind and walking through the forest of her childhood memories. With her work she is on a journey to understand the complex universe of worlds inside and outside us.To follow her passion of drawing and painting Tijana earned an MFA in both fields. She loves to read and collect books but never has enough shelves, so they are often scattered all around her home.