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5 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition

To be intuitive means to be able to access the wise all-knowing aspect of yourself and then to decipher the messages you receive and make empowering choices. These intuitive insights can come to you when you are awake, while meditating, dreaming, taking a shower, exercising, connecting to your body, or simply relaxing. While you may be more likely to access your intuition when you are in a meditative state, it can arise at any point, including often during a time of crisis.

Let’s explore 5 ways that you can start to tap into your intuition:

1.     Learn to concentrate: Concentration allows you to discover that your inner self is constantly experiencing subtle feelings. When you ask empowering questions, these feelings can turn into messages that offer insight and inspiration about what to do next.

You can do this by taking a few minutes to concentrate on a topic and then writing down anything that comes to you. Or when you meet someone try to concentrate on them fully and then recall what they were wearing and saying.

 2.     Slow down and meditate: Slowing down and meditating on a focal point, such as a feeling, thought, or color, can help you feel more sensitized and recognize intuitive hunches. Give yourself 5 minutes. Focus on relaxing your body. Explore what you feel. What is the color of this feeling. What message is this feeling giving you?

3.     Open your heart: The more loving, open, and receptive your heart is, the more likely you are to feel the truth of your intuitive messages. You can start to open your heart by reflecting on what you deeply appreciate.

 4.     Ask empowering questions: Be specific and open-minded when asking for an answer to something important to you. Say, Divine Intelligence give me an insight into X? This is great to do before falling asleep. Have your journal near you and write any messages you receive in the morning. 

 5.     Recognize and celebrate your insights: The more you acknowledge and celebrate your insights, the more trust you will create in your own abilities and the messages you receive. Make sure you take action on your gut feelings and knowing.

Your intuition becomes your compass, a navigating device that assists you to be flexible, adjusting your course based on internal wisdom as well as the external circumstances of your life.

Several of my workshop participants have talked about various signs that let them know if they are on the right track. For instance, one shared that when she dreams about flying she knows abundance is coming into her life.

Another explained that when she finds money on the ground it is a sign to be careful as she or someone close to her may lose money. And another told me that he had three people offer him the same book within a week, which lead him to understand more about his physical condition. And someone who was doing a job she hated and kept having car accidents. When she realized that her job was literally killing her, she changed he work and the accidents stopped. 

Pay attention to signs and messages from within and outside yourself and follow the guidance you receive.

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Inna Segal – 14 June, 2023