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2015 Lunar and Seasonal Diary Review

As the end of 2014 draws near, it is quite timely that I have received Stacey Demarco’s 2015 Lunar and Seasonal Diary so that I can start thinking about the upcoming year ahead for next year. I have been working with Stacey’s Diaries for several years now and I always find these a delight to have by my side for the year ahead.

The beginning of this diary provides detailed information on the cyclical nature of our year itself. From the basics of spellcraft, to the lunar and seasonal influences phases of the year, to the astrological influences of the year, this diary is definitely more than just a diary for planning the year and staying organized.

Every year, I feel like I learn something new from each diary that comes out. Whilst every individual date has the moon phases and relevant seasonal information included, Stacey has also included practical suggestions in working with these timings, which I often find empowering and a delight to include as a part of my days, weeks, months and year.

Each month and season of the year brings something exciting to look forward to with the inclusion of practical and empowering spells and a featured god or goddess to work with and form a connection with. Stacey’s clear and concise writing style ensures that these spells are easy to follow and enable the participant to enjoy what they are doing in a mindful and appreciative manner. With the amount of covered content in this diary and the regular included input from Stacey, it feels like I am celebrating a passionate way of living.

The 2015 Lunar and Seasonal Diary adds elements of joyful anticipation coupled with empowering and practical magick to my year. For those of you who are looking at adding some magickal zing to your year, I would highly recommend this diary for you.

Nathan Ho – 03 November, 2014